What services are typically provided by an Emergency Dentist Eastchester NY?


An emergency dentist Eastchester NY provides below services: 

Toothache relief: Emergency dentistry often involves diagnosing and treating toothaches, which can be caused by various issues such as cavities, infections, or trauma.

Chipped or broken teeth repair: Patients with teeth that have been damaged due to accidents or injuries can receive prompt care to repair or stabilize the affected teeth.

Knocked-out tooth: Emergency services include reinsertion and stabilization of avulsed (knocked-out) teeth if patients bring the tooth quickly after the incident. Learn More Here

Lost fillings or crowns: For fillings or crowns that have fallen out, an emergency dentist can provide temporary or permanent solutions to protect the tooth and restore function.

Dental abscess treatment: In cases of infection leading to abscesses, an emergency dentist can perform procedures to drain the abscess and provide antibiotics to manage the infection.

Emergency extractions: When a tooth cannot be saved, emergency extraction may be necessary to alleviate pain or prevent the spread of infection.

Root canal therapy: If a patient has severe pain due to an infected or inflamed pulp, emergency root canal treatment can be initiated to relieve pain and save the tooth.

The goal of an emergency dentist is to alleviate pain, address immediate dental concerns, and prevent further complications. If you are searching for the best emergency dentist near me, Precision Family Dental & Specialty is the perfect option for you. See More Here Can a family dentist in Scarsdale provide orthodontic treatment for children and adults?


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