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Protecting your oral health is crucial to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. If you’re experiencing any signs of periodontal disease or other oral health concerns, it’s important to seek professional dental care right away. Our expert team of dentists in Scarsdale and Oyster Bay, New York offer a range of services, from cleaning and restoration to periodontics and cosmetic procedures.


Don’t let the fear of dental work keep you from achieving a beautiful and healthy smile. Our dedicated team will ensure that your visit is comfortable and effective, leaving you feeling confident in your oral health. Learn more about the causes and treatment options for gum disease and trust us to provide the comprehensive care you need to keep your smile looking and feeling great. Periodontics Treatment Scarsdale NY can give you proper solutions to your problems.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Have you ever wondered what periodontal disease really is? It’s not just a simple case of sore gums. This condition is actually the result of bacterial overgrowth in your gums, which can cause redness, inflammation, and even tooth loss! If left untreated, the infection can spread deeper into the tissue surrounding your teeth, leading to unsightly receding gums, bad breath, and more. Don’t let periodontal disease take control of your oral health – seek professional dental treatment as soon as possible.

Signs of Poor Periodontal Health

  • tender or red gums
  • bleeding gums after flossing
  • sensitivity around your teeth
  • swollen gum line
  • gum recession near the base of your tooth

Don’t let these symptoms cause you dental discomfort – trust a professional dentist to give you the proper treatment you need to keep your gums healthy and happy!

Common Treatments for Gum Disease

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options available to help treat and manage the condition. A deep cleaning is typically the first step, with dental hygienists working tirelessly to scrape away any harmful plaque or tartar that may be negatively impacting your oral health. For more extreme cases, scaling may be recommended. This innovative treatment takes place over the course of a month and combines high-tech machines with traditional dental instruments to ensure your teeth are as clean as possible. Don’t let gum disease get in the way of a sparkling smile – seek out these common interventions today!

Options for Patients with Gum Disease

We are committed to helping you restore your beautiful smile. One popular procedure we offer is dental implants, which are the perfect solution for anyone who has lost teeth due to gum disease. Our expert dentists start by ensuring that your gums are in tip-top shape, and then proceed to implant a base into your jawbone, onto which the dental crown is attached. The result? A flawless smile that looks and feels absolutely natural.

Another great option we offer is crown lengthening, the perfect solution for anyone who is experiencing issues with their gum line due to gum disease. This procedure involves reshaping the gum line, so more of your tooth’s surface is exposed. Not only will your teeth and gums look healthier, but they’ll also stay that way for longer thanks to this innovative dental treatment. Trust us, you’ll love the results!

Take charge of your dental health with our team of experts. With over three decades of experience, our dedicated dentists are committed to providing top-notch Scarsdale periodontics treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating cutting-edge techniques and listening to our patients carefully. If you’re in need of general dental care or periodontics services, give us a call today at 914-472-0030 to schedule your appointment and experience our unwavering commitment to your oral health! We have offices in Scarsdale and Oyster Bay, New York. Searching for Periodontics treatment near me? Look no further than Precision Family Dental & Specialty.

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